I’ve always loved confetti parties, those little round pieces of paper in different colors that prom and party-goers throw at each other.
These little pieces of paper create for me a feeling of boundless joy and excitement, like the happiness of children when something surprises them.
But they get everywhere, they get in my hair, in my clothes, on my carpets, on my floors.
Our time over the last two years seems to me to have become like these confetti: we have 5 minutes between two ‘calls’, then another 15 minutes until a phone conversation, then another 10 minutes until a courier comes, another 7 minutes until the zoom, half an hour for a quick lunch, another couple of meetings, then half an hour to go after bread, water, at the corner shop, back quickly to work on a project, and in an hour we have to leave for a meeting or school if we have children. Time has spread like a sieve, it falls on us differently, it’s no longer in big chunks: eight to nine hours at work, then 6-7 hours for family, friends, hobbies, then an hour of TV, movies, reading.
Now, these confetti of time fall upon us and we must learn to make the most of it, to let go of nostalgia for ‘old times’ and do the best we can with what we have. It’s like moving to another continent, with totally different rules, different culture, different food, and we have to adapt to live with the new resources.
Adapting is not easy, not only the way time is divided has changed, but also other routines, the way we relate to each other, to the office, to the team, to what we do and gives us meaning. This granularity of time forces us to jump from one thing to another without respite, without transition time, and these constant jumps can tire us in the long run.
But we can change the way we relate to time, we can adapt, do the best we can with what we have. After all, we’ve been through it before, people have the capacity to adapt.

Georgeta Dendrino