I was at the bank recently with our CFO. The branch manager, who noticed us walking in and looking around lost, invited us into his office. When we introduced ourselves, both the lady and I realized we knew each other from somewhere.

The lady was kind, she made the experience there very pleasant, as we all want to have when we are clients.
My colleague told me that’s how people are when they get to know you.

Maybe that’s how some people are. But how many of us don’t have many examples of totally unpleasant interactions with people we’ve known for longer? Maybe we’ve worked together for years, done projects together, traveled together, and yet… One day you realize the other person is lying to your face, thinking you don’t get it, stealing something, leaving with clients, bad-mouthing you when you’re not around, and more.

People aren’t nice because they necessarily know you. This kindness depends on how you are and how you educate yourself, what attitude you decide to adopt. There are some people who make experiences with them a great joy, like when you unexpectedly receive a big bouquet of flowers. And there are others who leave you with a bitter aftertaste, like when you have a gallstone crisis.

Georgeta Dendrino