… A year that had started well and had a lot of potential for success. In the two and a half months of normal life, I had already been to 4 countries, I had many travel, business, and learning plans.

I dreamed that it would be hard, that someone was trying to hurt me, to burn my eyes, that someone else, a friend, at that time, was giving me news of the future. The future looked bleak, but there was light at the end of the dark tunnel. In my dream I was fighting for the people around me, nothing was happening to me, and my friend from the future was walking away. These premonitory dreams sometimes scare me, they always showed me exactly what was coming.

I was scared many times last year, I risked just as many times.

My inner uneasiness helped me fall back. I participated in many webinars; one day I went on a 24 hour marathon of webinars with the most appreciated thinkers in the world. I sought to learn, to be so, virtually, around enlightened minds.

I wrote at least as much as the year before, and that did me good.

I did a lot of coaching, helping others helped me, made me responsible for supporting myself. I couldn’t have helped others if I wasn’t okay, if I didn’t treat myself like a coaching client, if I didn’t keep my balance.

I ‘fell’ twice, towards the end of the year: once personally and once on business topics. There were disappointments that had to do with my expectations. In a bizarre way, I thought I knew some people better, that this year made it hard for us all not to play with relationships of any kind. In fact, it only highlighted what is good and what is bad for each of us.

I tried to keep my business in balance, to be there when someone wanted to talk to me.

I didn’t spend less, I spent everything I earned but it’s true that I earned less. I bought disinfectant, masks, microwave (I wouldn’t have thought I would ever have something like this), I ate more bread and butter than my whole life; I had a few health problems, I did tests that I hadn’t done in a decade.

I worked harder, more efficiently, better.

I missed the interaction with my colleagues, with my clients, I missed traveling, flying that it hurt so many times, I wanted to go to the office, wear heels, be hyper again activate.

I would be angry with my guardian angel if I said my life was hard.

The people who matter are fine, those who were supposed to stay with me are here, my mother is fine, so what more could I want from a complicated, stressful year for this planet? I just hope that in 2021 we can admire the stars.