Journey to Your Inner Self©

What is it?

This is a group coaching program in the form of a 3-day learning trip to Delphi (Greece). The trip destination and its milestones will create memorability, symbolic references and practical relevance.

The group of participants, accompanied by 3 coaches, need to reach Delphi, the final destination, by completing different tasks, case studies and activities pause, reflect and discuss about the events they go through. The participants receive a business case they need to solve during the trip. They are faced with real-life challenges and unexpected situations meant to bring out their reactions, behaviors and decisions in such circumstances.

Main themes tackled

  • Building effective executive teams
  • Self-awareness
  • Decision making
  • Crisis Management
  • Dealing with the snakes under the carpet – personal and organizational difficult issues
  • Dealing with the elephant in the room – tackling issues that are usually avoided, ignored or dismissed
  • Emotional intelligence development —learning to strike the iron when it’s cold and to be more subtle when they make an intervention


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