’Il est grand temps de rallumer les etoiles.’ Apollinaire wrote in one of his volumes.

It’s time to re-light the stars. It’s time to re-see the stars and re-light all the inner stars. For almost a year now, we’ve been feeling fear, distrust, uncertainty regarding ourselves and our loved ones. For almost a year it felt like we have been in a war in which no one shoots bullets but a war which affects our whole being.

It was a gray, opaque, foggy year, however we want to call it.

But now, I hope we look within ourselves and find resources to have more courage in the dark, to go beyond the negative landscape. It is a proof of bravery to go through it as if it was not that difficult, as it would not scare us, to not get caught up in the past, to arm ourselves with the will to resist and conquere.

To light the inner stars means to find our courage, joy, passion, to allow the inner child to manifest, to remember our creative, artistic side, whether we work in fields dominated by reason, logic, numbers, data, or we are in the area of ​​arts, of working with people.

In addition, I hope to find the strength to light the stars in us to attract people who are themselves brave, enthusiastic, energetic, not prisoners in their own being.

If I want anything for this new year of mine, it is to have the power to keep my balance, to keep the stars lit, to paraphrase Apollinaire, to have brave people around, with twinkles in their eyes, for no other reason, but to be inspired and to be like them.