When I was in elementary and high school, we all sent, received and read folded notes under benches, hiding them from the teachers’ eyes. Or so we thought, that the teachers were from another planet, they didn’t notice anything, they couldn’t see around, they were probably missing some neurons.

We were 12-18 years old, we thought we were different, invisible when needed, magical, the most beautiful and smartest, while the older ones were by definition more retarded.

The years have passed and I notice that some behaviors have not changed. Of course, we can no longer or do not want to pay attention to a single activity. We think we are descendants of Napoleon, I read about him that he could have done more things well at the same time (I’m not saying I didn’t do that too, a collaborator really caught my attention a few years ago, he was really upset for this alleged ‘multitasking’ of mine, for good reasons). Now, online, some people write messages, emails, communicate with others while talking to you.

Of course, emergencies can arise and then it would be good to say: ‘sorry, I have to answer / write something’. But when during an hour the eyes of some are mostly on the phone or on emails, social media or the news on the net, you wonder what they are looking for there. It can be seen quickly if we read something, the screen accurately records the movement of the eyes. Studies in the field of neuroscience show that multitasking is a myth.

I participated in a meeting where everyone was with the laptop in front, the manager was talking, the others gave me the impression that they were reading emails, I was paying attention in various other places.

It seems to me that if we do not want to give our full attention to a meeting, if we go, as we went to school, when we were little, to send messages to each other about others, about the one who leads/facilitates the meeting, better to stay home. We have no excuses for age. Adults who behave like rebellious children are not interesting, I would dare to say that they are eternally dissatisfied, spectators at football matches who think they are above the coach, the players, the referees; they make you wonder, why they don’t play if they’re so good?