I went to the Baneasa mall over the weekend, I was obsessed with the thought of getting a musk elixir. The targeted store is like a corner of paradise for me, all their perfumes from the collection privee range smell sublime.

While the lady was packing my elixir, I looked at the scarves. The lady asks me if I like them and if I don’t want to get a scarf too. I reply yes, I like them and will get one later, I’m waiting for the discount period. I knew that brand, like a few others, doesn’t have such periods. I just didn’t want to tell her no, I’m not buying. The lady tactically explains to me how they don’t have such a policy, some brands don’t practice such a thing….

After listening to the theory I had foolishly subjected myself to, I left and went to Carturesti. From the entrance I was struck by the “buy 2 get 1 free” ad. There were many books in that category.

It outraged me that writers end up on perishable type discounts. There were no books about growing mushrooms like we were forced to buy under communism. We all know, beyond the communist period, this is a marketing tactic to get people to buy. And no, people weren’t crowding in there, quite the opposite.
I bought a few books, some of the new ones. I was left with a bitter aftertaste, one that the superbness of the musk elixir did not erase.

Will we ever end up not getting discounts on books because customers buy them anyway?

Georgeta Dendrino