I was recently talking to someone about what is called a bucket list. They were telling me that it’s hard to think of more than 10-15 things for this list. I said I would try 25. Here’s what I came up with:

To go on a scooter to Italy, to Amalfi, Capri
See the Northern Lights
Live in an apartment with windows to the sky in Paris
To tour the Christmas fairs of Europe
Being on a plane on New Year’s Eve
See fireworks in Sydney
Be in New Year’s Eve in New York
Fall in love
Someone fall in love with me
To see the cherry blossoms in Japan
To have a private high school
To go to a castle in Scotland again for my birthday
To go to Grasse for a perfume course
To fly first class
Go to Tuscany again
Go to Provence when the lavender’s in bloom
To go by helicopter over the Grand Canyon
To go to all the continents
To go to at least one city/country that begins with all the letters of the alphabet
To go to the carnival in Venice and wear a mask
Stay at a Four Seasons Hotel
To have that relaxed, relaxed, detached state that I haven’t had since I was a student
To stay once at The Giraffe Manor in Kenya
To jump in a parachute once more

I’ve got a few more professionals, but I need some more time to grow them.☺️

What would you like to do in this life?

Georgeta Dendrino